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This is the latest adition to the fleet.
This is one monsterboat the Quantum from speedmodels.
Lenght 1.94 Mtrs !!! this big one is going to be powered by two Mathe 35 cc Competition engine one clockwise and one counterclockwise rotating
which was specially built by mathe in italy.
Work is almost done, torn the complete boat apart as the top deck was glued with BISON KIT redid the whole interior with new engine mounts and fitted the engines 5 cm more forward to give the pipes some room,
The radiobox is also done and the servo┬┤s and the throttle links are fitted, also fitted the new drives from MTC and the rudder is now driven by 2 Hitec 24 kg digital quarter scale servos.

Added more pics on the building of this beast

For size comparison the 1.65 mtr AS apache on the right

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This are the latest pics i shot today after testing some more
The engines are really running well and in sinc, after fitting the Offshore pipe,
Thanks Luigi at ELIKA Great guy for the help on this
I am still waiting for more props to come from england as
i only have propshop 7016/3 and they are still too small
but we got the speed to 65 Kph not bad for a 19,5 Kg boat