Clubday Pics
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Just some pics of our boat club..
Over the years I collected a lot of original pics from our boats running and showing at fairs and demonstrations.

Jerome´s Sprintcat at top speed
Jerome and I are the only ones at this time who are running the AM sprintcats, superb boats that handle like on rails..

Old boat New Name !!
Trough Mario I bought Marcs AS4 as i always loved the design of the boat.
Upgraded it with new hardware and Zen engine, added 2 wild willy style drivers and she is running like never before.

Harm´s Powercat
Awesome Homebuilt cat, Mathe powered.
Top speed 95 Kph....

AM Signature 57" Outta Control
Bought second hand, fitted my homebuilt Zenoah 230 RC in it, its not my fastest boat but surely one of the friendliest boats to drive.
Originally ment for the girl but she thinks its way too fast...

This is why i drive a Station car
Duuhh, this is the sole reason i drive a lame VW passat station and not a Ferrari F40... double trouble simply wouldnt fit in the trunk...

My EPV Cat Quick draw powered

Marc and jim wondering at the Rosmalen fair how quick its gonna be this time, marc just fitted the new QD engine.
Results showed a top speed of 100 Kph so far

Update: Its sold to me now.......

OK one more
Just for the beautiful looks of the hull....

General Surgeons warning : there is nothing wrong with smokin the competition