X treme goes German..
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Heilbronn and Bremen were visited
This was a good boating year, the first outings in holland were so nice we decided to go with a lot of the guys to germany, (5 hour drive).

The whole Bunch
This is the hardcore group of xtreme rc boats
From left to right, John,Jan,Paul s,Peter,Paul w,Jeroen,Marc,Ronald,Ruben,Mario and Edwin (standing)

Missing in this pic were Julius and Eric..
Nice models !!
Moonlight static contest, the judges were the girls from the organizing club MSC hansa, and they had a hard job to choose the nicest boat..
Hydro Action !!
Big 1/8 Hydroplanes driven with 15 cc CMB engines gave a perfect show on the choppy water of the Neckar..
Camping in Bremen
We had a wonderful weekend in bremen Though it was a bit HOT !! about 30° have been standing in the lake with my two feet all weekend to cool off..
Bat boat Mania !!
Mario brought his B24 Bat Boat, electric powered by a Ultra 3500 motor and 30 cells this bay flies !!
Click the pic for his website too
New Cat !!!
This is where i ran my new cat for the first time, its a EPV Joker motors 1,30 mtrs powered by 2 Ultra 1300 motors each running on 30 Sanyo 4/5 cp cells, current speed is 84 Kph !!!
Outta Control
Bought second hand and originally set up for my girlfriend, this prooves to be a perfect boat for running on bigger and choppy water, very sable and reliable to drive.
Boat is a AM signature 57" engine watercooled G230 RC zenoah

Second place = first looser............