My friends Pics
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Here are the pics from my friends projects and boats
Click the pics to find out more about them

Marks Schink AS 4 Special paint
Its his first boat the second is almost done click the pic for more.
My co worker Peter who also has a shop
Took this last year at the indoor meeting in leiden
Click the pic to visit his site too.
My helicopter buddy Graham
He is on the right i am on the left teaching him to fly indoor and keep away from the walls.
FSRROB starting his Cmb 15 cc powered fsr 15
One of the fastest running fsr boats i know.
Speakerboy (jerome) Deep vee
He is always building on his boats find more and click the pic.
Ben and my girlfriend Ingrid going for a spin
Yes you have seen it right its a opel speedster
This little car hauls !!!
Jims Schink F1 Cat K&B powered
He is one of the die hard cat guys as long its a cat he runs it.

The one who dies with the most toys Wins............