My models
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Welcome to the pic page have fun
Latest project and some pics of my heli;s and cars.
Click the pics as some have links to more pics.
Some pics are linked to Imagestation, and you have to become a member to do so, There are no hidden tricks and absolutely no spam from them.
Find more on the Photo page on the 2nd edition

Cracker transom

Bell 222 Vario

The gas outrigger

Serpent vector RB powered

CrackerBox almost done

Kalt whisper electric helicopter

X treme RC boats meeting

Hirobo Tow Cobra

Bell 222 v at the display show last year

Daytona Beach

Sprintcat 3,5 novarossi power

Kyosho 1/18 off road (very old )

Impact M2 RB powered

Ikarus Taube indoor plane

Kyosho Motorcycle

Impact with Efra legal Body

Bravo 303 with 10 cc engine

EPV Jolly motors Cat 60 cells 2x ultra motor 86 Kph !!

Mad Max indoor stunt plane

Corally SP12 1/12 carpet racer

Aeromarines Team Usa Cat, Zenoah powered

Robbe Bucker indoor biplane

Ikarus mach 1 delta indoor stuntplane

Supahfly In action, 80 Kph..

Graupner Key biscayne electric

Miniature aircraft Excell Gas Graphite Zenoah power

HYdro & Marine Drifter s Pletti powered 70 Kph supercat

Home made logos thanx Julius

Zenoah Powerplant dont mess go Gas !!

Daytona Beach in action

Again with your eyes open vieuws the best