Favorite Links
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Here are some links i like to click the most.

Still under construction but find the links and goodies here in the near future.

Click the Powerpetelogo for the Best modelling source dont look any further these Guys are selling the fast stuff

The content will be updated regurally

Big boats
Thunderboats The thunderboat museum great info on older hydroplanes and raceboats
Victory Dubai The Victory team Rulez great pics
Scream and fly Great site about recreationalpowerboats both off shore and outboards
Class 1 powerboats 1/1 Scale powerboats

Favorite Sites
X treme rc Boats The Site for RC powerboat nuts
The Outrigger pages The Source for all your modelling needs
X treme rc boats forum Talk group for addicted boat modellers
Jims RC boat dock More addicted modellers here
International Waters Great site for boaters Including search engine
Team Magic Dutch site about FSR racing great info on different Classes (dutch and english)
Shark Racing Great site that covers everything about RC boat racing lots of tech info.
Marios RC models Homepage of mario has lots of stuff to see great site !!
URL Grabba Store youre bookmarks online !! get to them everywere you want !!

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