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My electric projects...
This are some of my electric projects, as these are mainly used in the summer i dont have much pictures of them now but they will follow shortly....
There are a lot of boats in my fleet at the moment:
A electric crackerbox,a graupner minisprint,a graupner key biscayne,a Robbe Magin one,a Robbe Eco Star,a Hydro and marine Hot shot and a lot of unfinished and sold or wrecked projects .
As i am modelling for 15 years now i dont have the pics to prove all the thinghs i had but i surely learned a lot from building all of those boats.
Find more on the 2nd edition pages

The 75 Kph supermono
Robbe Magin One
This is one of the most fun boats to start in the hobby.
This one was offered to me by a friend who built it but never sailed it.
As i like the challenge of making things fast the Magin was quickly refitted with 16 instead of 12 cells and the original motor swapped for a graupner 700 turbo 9.6 volts running a 3 blade 39 mm graupner carbon propellor the speed got up to a nice 40 Kph (gps measured).
But at this speed the boat hopped a lot and was running like a drunk dolphin and not very controllable.
So a set of (reccommended) trim plates were added and this helped a lot the boat is running very nice now and is a lot of fun to drive, as this is a quite cheap boat to build and fast from the kit this is a very reccommendable boat for a beginner.
Key Biscayne (12 years and still going strong)
This is my key biscayne which is 12 years old now.
This has seen a lot of running time and a lot of rebuilds to the drive system.
It started when i wanted a faster boat after trying to get a robbe unlimited (the first version) a bit faster which didnt succeed very well.
Then the Key biscayne came in the first runs were done with a white hull and the ice still on the (big) lake were we ran.
The first setup was the original with 12 cells and the stock 700 motor, also a mechanical speed control was used but this was burnt on the second run (how could i know beginner, el cheapo) and a electronic speed control and 14 cells were put in.
After a few months 16 cells and watercooling to the motor were added and some other mods were done.
A year later a robbe 420 sports was found and this was the ticket to a lot of fun and speed it runs about 50 Kph now but for 8 minutes on a 2000 ma pack of 16 cells.
This setup has been in for the last years but i am planning a mayor rebuild this summer so come back for the updates on this project.............

Electrics run on smoke , once you let it out it doesnt work anymore