The electrics page 2
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The other electrics..........
On this page i will show all the projects and stuff i use for running and building my electric models.
Find lots more info on the 2nd edition pages

The power station
This is the charger i use at home, this is a graupner/schulze ultra duo profi and is capable of charging 30 cells and 6,5 amps.
The power supply is from jamara and is capable of a stunning 35 amps so i can run 2 chargers charging 30 cells at once on it.
The charger i use for charging at the pond is a GM vis commander as this can charge up to 11 amps on a 7 cell pack this is my first choice for charging very fast at the side of the pond.
The fan you see is a computer cooling fan for cooling down the packs and the wooden box with the lamp is for deep discharging a pack up to 8 cells.

Garmin Etrex gps
This is the best tool i have bought this year !!!
Ideal to measure the speed of a boat or a car.
Its about the size of a cell phone and its a nice little gem.
(click the pic to go to the garmin site)