Micro Cracker
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Just a few pics of my new "micro cracker"
Just a start more pics will follow as this project is tested an upgraded for maximum performance

  Built from the abc Fighter 550 kit
The abc fighter 550 kit is basically a cracerbox with a different cover over it and i am into the cracker bussiness i made another cover with a cockpit and a driver in it to match the big cracker.

Running very nice in the corners
  Ready for the first test run
As i altered the complete setup of this boat i was wondering if it would go well on the first run.
The motor is now a 18x2 Dr speed from Gm racing 7 3000 Nimh sanyo cells a Schulze 35 amp controller and ball beared the prop shaft.
The original 540 motor and mechanical speed control is not up to my standards but would be perfect for a beginner to start in the hobby.

Sits nice on the water even with 7 cells.
  High top speed
The top speed came out very well even a bit too fast for the girl, but i think i will put in the 540 motor back in and she will have a perfect boat to learn it with.
The estimated top speed will be a 30 Kph now i think and the run time with a very sharp Prather 240 came out to about 8 minutes!! so with a different prop there is more speed in it.
As the water pickup was not working i will try a bigger prop next time when i have the cooling working...........

Passing for the Picture at 2/3 throttle