Class 1 Joker motors Cat
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The Electric Powercat !!
When we were in Heilbronn this year i couldnt resist to build me a Electric Class 1 offshore cat
This should be driven to top speeds over 80Kph with 2 electric motors.

The story sofar

As i started building i tried to do it the cheap way,
How wrong i was, the used 820 motors couldnt handle the amps and after the third burnt motor i decided to put in the Ultras, wow this was better, but the amps were even higher so i fried 60 very expensive cells, back to the drawingboard, i also had to loose some weight so i came up with the new sanyo 4/5 cp cell which can handle currents up to 60 amps with ease.
This made the final difference and i went over 80 Kph with the propshop props, later i tried a pair of graupner 51 carbon props and this really made it fly, and also the sound of the props beating on the water is awesome, its almost like two Lamborghini engines are driving this beast !!

The next thing is the paint job, as i am a big fan of the victory team the colors of victory 7 are going to be used, check back for further updates..


Well its updated, The paintjob is on and the Ultra┬┤s have been swapped fot 2 plettenberg brushless motors, The cells we are going to use are the new Red 3300 GP Nimh cells... As the water is frozen here at this time I dont have running pics with the new paintjob...
  Top Speed reached so far

First set Up

The Victory team

The specs
Boat:EPV Jolly Motors cat
Motors: Graupner Ultra 1330/9 Now Pletti 330/30/4
Speedcontrollers : Robbe Navy 570 Now Schulze Future 80 Fwk
Drives: MTC Powertrim 5
Rudder : MTC Joker spezial
Flexshafts : 6,4 MM
Props : 54 mm Propshops Now 5518 propshops
Batteries : 60 cells GM vis 4/5 CP sanyo 1600 Now 60 cells 1700 scr or 3300 GP Red Nimh

Current top speed 90 Kmh

Graupner Website

The Drives

The drives are made by MTC from germany and are full scale and full functional.

Dead Batteries Going for top speed
This is how a cat should run nice and clean.

If you cant run with the big dogs stay on the porch !!