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Shop tel number

Thats a bummer ah ??? just when you thought to find my email here, but it isnt, we get a lot of stupid emails and spam even not placing our emailadress all over the web, so better do it this way


as the geustbook is lost to spammers, try powerpete2 at Gmail dot Com

Call me at the shop if you want to know something, its easier to explain something on the phone than by email,
We are open on tuesday to saturday from 10 till 5, european time (GMT +1 Hr)..
The number is +31 (0)35 6922684

Or feel free to use the XTREME board forum to ask some questions its there for a purpose !!

Regards, Peter

My Address
Peter van Leeuwen
P/A 2 Brothers R/C
Laarderweg 39-41
1402 BC Bussum
The Netherlands

Or use the Xtreme Forum forum
2 Brothers R/C

All pictures and text on this website is the sole property of the owner of this website, nothing may be published ore used in any other matter or context !! i had a lot of work in this and anyone who thinks he can steal my work will be prosecuted by Dutch law !!!

Please make your own website and dont try to nick mine, Be original !! Be Wise !!

I don't care who you are. You're not walking on the water while I'm boating!