Gas Outrigger
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Just a few pics of my new Outrigger
The first testing is done so i added a new page to cover the complete story.

The Outrigger pages for all the info

Done in 2 evenings
As i bought it complete from Jerome i only needed to put in the radio and engine.
First night i put in the radio and the second the engine.
Radio is futaba PCM Reciever and a Hitec HS 5925 High speed digital steering servo.
Engine is the Zenoah G230RC aircooled engine which should put out a 4.7 Bhp at 18.000 revs.
Propellor used for initial test is a Octura X467 which has the tongues removed to reduce the drag and gain some more top revs.
Zenoah G230RC engine
The engine is normally ment for a 1/5 RC car and is air cooled.
This should put out 4.7 Bhp and must get this boat up to a 100 Kph.

Update 10-3 got it up to 83 KPH on the second run want proof ??? just click the pic

Thight fit
As the rigger was built for a zenoah PUM engine which has a lot smaller flywheel i had a lot of trouble fitting The 230 into the fuselage of the rigger the cooling shroud offered a perfect point to hang it by and the test showed this was enough to keep it in place.
Fueled and ready to go
Cold but not windy a perfect day for a test.
This was done at the eindhoven club where we were invited to come and have some fun with fellow boaters.

Very proud owner with his new toy
The first test were promising the guys at the pond were amazed from the speed gained at the first run.
As i didnt had the gps in i have to estimate that a 85 Kph was the top speed for now.
Not bad for a new engine and a pipe that was not adjusted yet.

Watch the matching colours of the jacket and the sponsons.......
First passes at slow speed
As this rigger thing is new to me i made a few slow rounds to get used to the different behavior of a n outrigger, it ran on rails though so after 2 rounds i almost ran it flat out and started the running in procedure.
Engine starting to run better
During the first run the engine was set on the original factory settings these were a bit on the rich side as i am still breaking in this one but about 4 minutes later the engine began to run a bit more loose and gained some speed and was getting on the pipe from time to time.
Modified propellor
For the initial runs the octura X467 was used.
Modified it with the tongues removed to get more speed and less drag i ran the first run.
As i thought it ran a bit demanding on the engine i thinned and cupped the blades tonight.
Resharpended the blade and increased the rake a bit.
(and cut my finger so bad it bleeded all over the place)

Merker Exhaust hardware very silent pipes !!
The complete exhaust hardware is from Merker of germany and is a very nice looking and reliable pipe.
Also easy to set up , maybe not the fastest but it sure is one of the queitest pipes around and we have to think a bit about the enviroment too.....


Running on Rails
Jerome did a great job building this boat.
The first runs gave me great confidence as to the handling of the boat.
Like it was running on rails i turned into the first
corner and no sign of any slipping at all this made me more confident to hit the gas at full throttle and away it goes !!!
Mind i was breaking in the engine and shall get a lot more revs and speed from it.
Unfortunatly on the second run the flex shaft decided to part from the prop shaft so only a big howl was heard from the engine but no more speed.
Gonna fix that this week and hope to have it running next week again.


Zenoahs rule.................